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[24/09/2015] 15 Typefaces Package DISCOUNT 70% OFF

15 Typefaces Package DISCOUNT 70% OFF

Purchase all 15 Misprinted Type Commercial Fonts (worth $304) for Only $89. It includes 

AntiRomantic,  Carimbo, GrandpasTypewriter, Great Circus, Handmade, King Bloser, Kyoto, LeKing, Mercy, Monster Days, Mosh, Nars, Revanche, Toscography and Trashold,

PAYPAL ONLY! Files will be send shortly after Payment! 

[20/04/2015] New Works 2015

New Works 2015

I just updated the "WORK" section with both "Personal Works" and "Commercial Works"! Go take a look! And if you enjoy what you see, share it with your friends! :) Thank you!

[17/04/2014] New Typeface King Bloser (50% OFF)

New Typeface King Bloser (50% OFF)

Hello, I just released a new calligraphic typeface: King Bloser!  The font has so many Opentype features, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Lowercase Endings, Lowercase Initials, Ornaments and it also comes with a Bonus Typeface: Bloser Serif which is a lighweight serif font that comes with several Ornaments!!! Enjoy! (Discound Ends May 15th)

[07/03/2014] The International New York Times

The International New York Times

There are 2 new illustrations for the cover of "Watches" section for the International New York Times. The theme is always Time, but usually with a specific subject in mind. Go take a look at the Commercial Works

[17/02/2014] Mercy Typeface

Mercy Typeface

Mercy Typeface is a calligraphic font full of ornaments and swashes! The font has several OpenType features and flourished capitals which creates a very versatile typeface, while maintaning the elegance of its style.  Check for more details HERE.

[06/01/2014] Mercy Typeface 35% Discount!!!

Mercy Typeface 35% Discount!!!

The Mercy Family is now offered at a 35% discount. It was $79 and now for sale at only $49.  It comes with 3 styles: Mercy One, Mercy Two and Mercy X. Within each style there are several opentype features, alternates, swashes... Mercy X is full of ornaments and swashes that will give your work that elegant feel! 

[23/12/2013] Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Hello, I wish you all a wonderfull Christmas! Thanks everybody for the great support, for sharing my work and for all the kind emails! 

[16/12/2013] New Website. New Works. New Fonts!

New Website. New Works. New Fonts!

It has been a while since I last updated Misprinted Type, so I have so many new works, fonts and goodies updated! I released 3 new  Commercial Typefaces: Mercy, Revanche and Grandpas Typewriter. Also, there is a new freeware font: Top Secret, which is a stamp-like effect typeface.

Appart from this, I have several new works under Personal Works and also lots of new Commercial works into my new section "Commercial Works"

I also just put together my Facebook Page and an Instagram account! 

[06/12/2013] Official 2014 World Cup Artwork

Official 2014 World Cup Artwork

I was invited by FIFA to work on an Official Artwork for the "2014 World Cup in Brazil". The piece is a mixed-media collage and it will be part of  an upcoming exhibition! This artworks is also currently being sold as a print on FIFA's website: http://store.fifa.com/61344.html